Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Social & Medical Histories

We are creative creatures and want to know our past, so that we can prepare for the future.  When we are children, we want to know our birth story, to hear of our preciousness.  When we are teens, we want to hear that our parents are flawed, to know our shared humanity.  As young adults, we want to know what our parenting experience might hold.  Throughout it all, we are aware of our families medical and psychological history. 

For many youth in foster care the keepers of this history, insight and medical facts are no longer accessible.  Perhaps it's because they no longer have contact with birth family, that favorite foster placement, or relative.  Or maybe they have never heard the full story because of the trauma associated with it. 

Attempting Agape tries to fill in some of those gaps, by completing Social & Medical Histories (SMH) for youth in foster care.  Partnering with the county, we pull together all of the many documents into one place and then contact birth family, adoptive & foster families, to get a full picture of a youth's history, including and moving beyond the court's involvement in their lives.

Once completed the Social & Medical History is shared with youth when they age out of foster care, adoptive families and to the court at time of adoption. 


Child Specific Recruitment

Attempting Agape provides Child Specific Recruitment (CSR) Services that serve children and youth whose parents may be at risk for termination of parental rights or have already had rights terminated without other clear next step in order to find and support long-term, stable and supportive permanency options and extended family support for children and youth in and out of home placement.

We do this by focusing on each youth’s unique strength, experiences & needs, in order to find an appropriate connection. A youth focused approach to recruiting an adoptive or concurrent family includes a comprehensive review of the child's history in foster care and an individual recruitment plan that is unique to each youth.

Most of these plans include searching for and following up with biological family & past connections, regular engagement with county staff, therapists and support people, responding to, evaluating, matching and supporting current and future placements. Also present is the creation of a full life book/memory book for each youth served and in person bimonthly to monthly face-to-face time between the youth and the recruiter.

The goal of Attempting Agape's Child Specific Recruitment Services is to treat each youth as a unique individual, who deserves a village of healthy, supportive long term adults in their corner, long past the age of 18.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Let me capture your family, children, maternity or senior photos at a South Minneapolis, Minnesota park. My style is laid back and engaging. If you are having a good time, your photos will show that and capture this unique moment in your life.

Preferred parks: Lyndale Farmstead, Lyndale Rose Garden

After the session you can choose to receive the original untouched digital photos via Google Photos. Most clients will receive 50-100 proofs to choose from and print at any number of photo reprinting sites.

Travel outside Minneapolis, MN will be assessed a travel fee of .50/mile.

Contact me to book using the form on the upper right hand side of the blog and I will get in touch.