Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Foster Care Orientation Meeting

I have that foster care orientation meeting tonight, at 7, and I would really covet your prayers. Pray that I get all the answers that I need to decide what the next step is and pray that I am able to connect with an amazing social worker.

I am nervous and want to do this right... in the right way, at the right time.

Thanks all-

After the Meeting
...and this, these responses, is one huge reason why I love you all and one huge reason why I think I could actually do foster care. I am truly blessed with amazing friends and family!!!

I am home from the info meeting. It went well. I got a lot of really good information, lots of logistics and questions answered. I will most likely replace the windows downstairs to make them fire-code specific. Babysitters are great, and the only special requirement is that they are an adult, and have a background check done. Tough kids, but lots of support. Extra money, in the form of photography and/or part-time job would be important, but they do want at least one stay at home person (which would be me :) ).

I filled out the little form that enables me to take the next steps which is an in-home meeting with a licensing social worker just to talk big-picture, and plan to start taking some training courses in the next couple weeks.

The licensing process takes 3-6 months, so this won't happen tomorrow, but I am still walking in that direction.

Thank you all for your support of me on this crazy journey!