Announcement: I will be doing Foster Care

I am finally ready to official announce, I am in the home-study process to do doing foster-care. I will be opening up my home for 1-3 kiddos aged, birth- 8 years old. Arrival expected in a couple months. I need help getting ready for their arrival...

Work: If you are handy with tools, paintbrushes or are just generally handy, I would really appreciate some help! Some of the jobs include: painting one wall, putting in a new front door, trim work, laying down linoleum, relaying/affixing carpet in a couple places, moving in furniture as I get it, setting up the kids rooms and lots of little things. Call and then come on over anytime in the next few weeks, bring friends. If you show up, I will put you to work! :)

Stuff: If you are unable to come and would like to help me get ready, I am in need of children's items... clothes, furniture, and toys, basically everything...

Registered at: Thrift Stores, sales & clearance items--> YES!!! Please buy things cheaper, I love saving a buck, and as long as it is newish and fit for a child 0-8, it's PERFECT!!!! I would welcome secondhand or used items.

What types of kids will you have?
Kids who for one reason or another can't stay with their parents. This may be because of abuse, neglect or another situation. I won't be able to talk about specific kids and their situations. I will be able to tell you their first names and ages, and that is about it. I am open to 1-3 kiddos aged, birth- 8 years. So that means I might have one baby, or three 8-year-old kids (or ANYWHERE in-between).

How long will the kids stay?
Each kid's situation is different. They may stay for 3 days or 3 years. I will most likely not know how long they will be with me until it is time for them to go.

Isn't that going to be hard?
Absolutely. But foster care IS hard, and its worth it.

What made you want to do foster care?
I have always wanted to be a mom, specifically to hurting kids. I really didn't think I could do well it as a single person, but one of my friends works as a PCA for a single woman who does foster care full time and I realized if she can do it, I can do it. Thus the process began.

What about your roommates?
They will be moving out, the timing has been amazing. All three of my roommates are in the midst of major life changes, and would most likely have moved out anyway. God's timing is perfect.
Are you ready? How are you feeling?

Are you ready? 
No. I am preparing. I feel nervous, scared, excited... is this how all new parents feel when they are expecting? That is the word... I am e x p e c t a n t.