Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Waiting Game

I have been in the process to become a foster parent for just over a month. The world knows. I am preparing my heart and my home. There is an ache in my heart for these children. And a growing desire to mother them. And I wait...

I called the county on Monday. Jen, the social worker I met with for my in-home orientation and who I hope to keep working with, told me that she believed all my paperwork had gotten there safely and now was sitting on the desk of her manager, who is out of town until the middle of this week.

Well, today is Wednesday, that makes it midweek right?

An appreciation has been growing within me for all of the adoptive families out there who wait years to bring home children that they have waited for. Years. Years of having well-intentioned people ask if you are still planning to adopt. If you plan to have kids. If it is worth the wait. Years of questioning your own commitment. Your own readiness to be a parent to any child, let alone a hurt child. Years. So I take my hat off to you patient ones out there. Me? I am beginning to doubt my own patience after a month.

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