My First Mother's Day

It’s been an interesting mother’s day with the girls... Yesterday, we went shopping for a gift for people and their mom. When we were getting in the car, I commented that I wanted some chocolate to eat myself. Here is the conversation that followed.

Star, " You should have gotten some for yourself. I mean, you are a mom... kind of".

Me: I smiled and said, "Well, usually it is the kids who buy stuff for the moms, and not the moms buying stuff for themselves."

Star: "I'm not buying you anything."

Me: Jokingly, "...someday, you will be a mom and you will remember this day and you will think -- "sorry Alisa"." :)

Star: Smiles and laughs out loud.

Then we brought the gift and card over to her moms. Star cried on the way over, and Pumpkin cried when we left. So sad.

Today during church, they invited all the moms to come upfront with their kids standing behind them. We came up, Star standing behind me me holding Pumpkin until she got restless and ran around inside the circle of moms. When everyone started praying for the moms, I could feel Star edging closer and closer to me, finally laying her head and arms down on my shoulder. So, so, so sweet - they are praying for Moms, and Star is cuddling. A friend said she saw us and it made her cry... So the sweet, sad and totally TEEN mothers day was all mixed into one.