You can have it tonight, I don't need it

Sometimes this life is heartbreaking.  It is always full of pain, but sometimes it just is so hurtful and tender that is breaks my heart.

Monkey and I went to pick up two new kids last night, who for the purposes of this blog, we'll call Buddy and Bug.  Siblings, a boy aged 7 and a girl aged 3.  Sweetest kids you'll ever meet and oh do they adore their Mom.  Last night Buddy cried for about an hour for his Mom, holding her photo lovingly every minute of it.  Tonight Bug was crying for her mom and Buddy walked over to her bed, handed her the one photo of their Mom and said, "You can have it tonight, I don't need it."  In other words, you need this more than I do tonight.  And then I watched Bug who doesn't even seem like she should be old enough to string together a full sentence, hold and touch the photo until she finally fell asleep.