So there is this Kid...

Everyone who has been a foster parent 5 minutes knows the drill.  Some guardian, casa or social worker says the words, "So there is this child we've been looking for a home for...."  Or the words, "We have these two kids we want to place with you..."  I, for one, get all excited and nervous wondering about the possibilities of this child(ren).  Are they coming or are they not?  When?  What are they like?  Etc, etc.  

But, the flip side is that every foster parent also knows that you don't actually get the room ready until they walk through the door.  Anything can happen at any time.

No, I haven't gotten a call like that.

But I have made a decision.  I have put my name on the unofficial list, stating that I would like to be known as a foster home that is open and willing to adopt a baby.  This means that I will still be a traditional foster parent for most of the kids in and out of my home, but I could also be contacted for a baby that I might, just might get to "keep".

The fancy word for this is that for one baby, I could be a concurrent placement.   This means that I will be their foster parent, fully supporting reunification with the birth family, but at the same time, I would also have a strong commitment to adopting them if that's not possible.

My hope always is that children are in a safe, loving wonderful home - with their birth parents whenever possible.  But if that safe, loving, wonderful home is to with me, bring it on.  I have babies on the brain.  I just want to squish one.  Cuddle one.  Raise one up - for the next 18 years.  I am ready to be a Mamma for the long haul.

Well, since I have made that decision, I keep hearing the words, "Oh, we do have this baby...  Oh, that reminds me of..." and then they proceed to tell me about some of the sweetest little babies living and waiting in local foster homes.

Its fun to hear about and think about all of the possibilities - all the sweetness out there.  But, at the same time, I wish it wouldn't be brought up until I am actually hearing about a specific child who is a serious possibility of coming to live with me (for foster care, adoption or something in between) - because until then, the questions are just a mental exercise, and I would rather spend that time and energy enjoying Bug and Buddy.

So stay tuned.