Monday, July 2, 2012

New Diggs and Car Rides

Last week was the follow-through of Monkeys' new Mom and Dad saying they wanted to keep in touch. They invited my whole little crew over for dinner to have Monkey show us her new Diggs. Everyone had a blast reconnecting and the kids hardly fought at all. Which is pretty amazing considering they were all fighting pretty much non-stop when she moved a little over a month ago. She is doing great, adjusting well and it looks like they will be able to make everything official and permanent within the year!

On the way home, I overheard Buddy and Bug's conversion.

Buddy: "I just really wish Monkey could live with us again."
Bug: "Me too..." (Oh, so sad and sweet, they miss her!)
Buddy: "..but only if she brings all her new stuff with." (And there it goes.)

I break in with some parental insight about caring about people more than stuff and then it continues.

Buddy: "Well, yeah, I would want Monkey to live with again even without all the stuff. But if she could just bring that one gun, that'd be great."
Bug: "I just like her. I just like her a lot. I just love her."
Buddy: "Well, you can't love her, because well, what if you get really mad at her?"

Another break-in by me about love transcending being mad at someone or them hurting your feelings. Love is deeper than all that.

Bug: "Yeah, think I like her. But I really love you (Alisa), Buddy, Mommy, and Daddy."
Alisa: "That's a good babe. Be home soon."