Update: Mythbuster Series about Birth Parents

Getting excited about the Mythbuster Series about Birth Parents!  So far I have 4 myths covered (see below).  I'd like to get a few more covered, so email me if you'd like to participate.

Myth 1: If the Child is in Foster Care, the Parents Must be Monsters
Myth 2: If a Child is Hurt or Neglected, They Aren’t Loved.
Myth 3: All Birthparents are Young and Unmarried
Myth 4: Once a Birthparent, Always a Birthparent

One that I would like to cover is the myth that children in foster care would always do better if they could be adopted or stay with their foster family over being reunited with their family.  Perhaps someone could speak to the benefits of reunification when it works...

Another one would speak to the Myth that there are NEVER birth fathers involved in the process.

But, still open to other myths as well.

Stay tuned.