Monday, July 9, 2012

Bedtime Songs

You all heard of my enjoyment of my newest little one.  I think she is the best.  But as much as I say it, she isn't perfect - although her "flaws" are pretty sweet too.

She has reached the stage in her life with me where if we are home, she really would rather just be in my arms.  By going to the bathroom or heaven forbid, eating some lunch has become rather loud around here. She has no middle ground cry, she's either playing sweetly or screaming her little head off.  LOUDLY.

The other quirk of Baby Girl is that for the past few weeks, she'll sing me a song daily from about 5 - 6am.  She doesn't need anything - she's clean, content, full and slightly awake, so she sings.  LOUDLY.

You'll remember that when she first moved in, I put her crib in my room to have her close.  Now she was close.  Really close and singing me a song.  The first few nights that she did this, I smiled as I listened to her, it was just so sweet.  Night three, I softly said, "Shhhhh.....   Shhh.... Go back to sleep....  It's too early...."  The fourth night it came out through slightly clenched teeth.  The fifth night when she started, I moved upstairs onto the couch where I could listen through a baby monitor that had a volume button.  The sixth night through today, I just started out on the couch with the monitor.  

Within two weeks of being here, the baby completely won my room. 

Today I took it back.  Since Bug and Buddy have moved back with their parents, I now have two open bedrooms, one for Baby Girl and one for our little daycare friend.   

Sleep tight little ones and sleep tight me.

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