Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Before she's even left!

I was just sitting, looking at foster parent grief articles on Google (the only source of info I know of on the subject), thinking about all the kids that have come and gone in the past 2 1/2 years - Star, Pumpkin, Monkey, Buddy, Bug and now Baby Girl.  Shedding some tears, trying to focus on loving the kids I have here today and then the phone rings...

Not sure if I should be honored or scared, but once again - before my current placement (Baby Girl) has even left - I got a call for two more sibling groups! Before she's even left! 

But I have to say - I am so going on vacation before I take any more kids. This Mamma needs a nap! Oh my. 

For now, I will be finding out more information on one sibling group and we'll go from there...

(Excuse the generous usage of the !!!!!!!!!!!!! - I am a little in shock!!!)

8/9 update - these kids will not be coming.  Can I just say I am kindof excited to be laving town with no kids?!  :)

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