Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adoption Photography - Waiting

I have a board on Pinterest that I just love, love adding to.  Its all about photography and families who are waiting to adopt.  I love the hope, the celebration.  Adoption is fraught with landmines and pain on all sides, but it can also be a really beautiful thing - a new family is being formed.  Its a good thing to celebrate.

Here are some of my favorites -

What do you pin and why?


  1. You know, I found a picture on Pinterest that had a couple sitting on charming chairs, and on the empty chair they had the sing, "Waiting For You". Theirs was so cute. So my family and I tried the same, hehee. Ours didn't look as charming, but we did it. Fun. I still have the board "Waiting For You" in our future placement's room.

  2. Oh my heart . . . You are incredible . . . Using your blog and some of your pics for my page :) ( God BLESS you <3


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