Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a Mamma

Charmer and Peanut are headed home next week.  I am always so glad when kids can get home so quickly and even more happy when they are going home to a positive situation.  So, yeah for them.  And honestly, yeah for me.  They are beautiful, lovely children, but having three kids under three has been e x a u s t i n g - on every level.  We have been housebound and I am a go-er.  We have been isolated and I like people.  We have had lots of loud, loud tantrums and well, who likes that?  

They will be happy, I will be free to be the care-free, on the go parent of one child for a while.  Which leads me to the fact that once Charmer and Peanut have moved on, I plan to take some time to just focus on Sweetie - and not take any other placements for a time.  It's a hard decision, in that I know we need more foster parents in my area and there are always kids who need love.  In fact, when I opened the foster parent newsletter today, they were laying out the recruiting call for new homes.

But, it is also an easy decision.  To live life with one baby, loving her, attaching to her, play-dates, camping, vacations, coffee - sounds so, so delightful.

As is Sweetie.  She is so lovely.  I am enjoying every. single. minute. with her.  Soaking her in, being her Mamma.

My heart needs to heal, take a break and be a Mamma.  Just a Mamma, to this one little girl.

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