Sunday, December 23, 2012

A reason for JOY this year - Merry Christmas

I've been quiet on the blog-o-sphere for the past few months and with good reason.  I was afraid to write about Sweetie, afraid that I would spill the proverbial beans.  That my love, my excitement, and joy would ooze out of me an onto the page.  But, since we got one huge step closer last week, I can now share.

I am adopting Sweetie.  She came to me as a concurrent placement back in August, so I knew from the beginning that there was a high likelihood she would need an adoptive home.  I said yes then to forever if she needed me.  I said yes before I met her, but as soon as I did, my heart was hers.  She is the most precious, joyful, engaged baby.  She is doing amazingly well, but growing a little too quickly for this Mamma's heart.

Emotionally, she's already my daughter and I am her Mamma.  But, soon, hopefully, in March, it'll be legal as well.

I could not be more excited to:

  • be sharing this, her first Christmas ever and our first one together.
  • witness her start walking for real yesterday (and yes, I did capture it on video and share it with my family).
  • be getting to know some of her birth family.
  • share in her smiles, her tears, and her cuddles.
  • experience all the newness of life with her.
  • see her quickly leaving babyhood behind by refusing any baby food and only eating "real" food, walking, using a sippy cup like a pro and growing out of yet another size of baby clothes.
  • be her Mom, forever.

I am so, so blessed.

Merry, merry Christmas!

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