Photo Quandary

One of the big rubs for foster parents is that we cannot share ANY photos of foster children online, no matter how long they have been in our care, until their adoption is finalized.  If you're not adopting them - then never.

There are many very good reasons for this and I respect (and follow) it, but it sure is hard when I adore these kids, yet can't share that joy in pictures with "the world".  And I am not lying when I say I have had the cutest, cutest kids IN THE WORLD stay with me and Sweetie?  She is hands down the most beautiful child that has ever or will ever exist (although I admit that I may be slightly biased).

I always thought that I would go CRAZY the day I finalized - photos EVERYWHERE, on every blog, every-bodies page, forums, everywhere - but now that I am actually getting closer to that day, hopefully in March / April, I am not so sure.

  • Do I want pictures of Sweetie on the world wide web?  
  • On this blog?  
  • On facebook?  
  • Or do I want our life together to be more private?

Like anything in life, there are reasons for and against opening up our sheltered world.  What I want to know is what have you all done post-finalization with this quandary?  Post away, or hold back?