Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I don't know how to describe it.  It feels like nesting, but my baby is already here (and I am not expecting any more forevers that I know of).  It feels compulsive, like I have, have to do this now.  And honestly, it is seriously stressing me out.  What is it you ask, well it's simple -

I.  must.  simplify.

About two weeks ago I started looking around my house at all of the things I have accumulated over the past few years and it simply needs to go.  When I was spouting off how this MUST HAPPEN, a good friend said, "Well, Alisa it seems to me like you already live simply..."  Well, so I do, yet I must simplify more.  So I have been paring down - some may say a little obsessively - but its working, but it is a lot of work.

Area by area in my house I have been looking at an item and asking myself a few questions - if the answer isn't YES to all of them - said item gets the boot.

The questions are:
  • Do I love it?
  • Do I actually use it on a regular basis?
  • Will I need it in the NEAR future (read two years for kids stuff)?
  • Is it beautiful (to me)?
  • Is it in good working order (not broken or junky)?
  • Do I have less than 10 of that same item (jewelry, books, movies, etc - HUGE deciding factor in my paring down plan - get myself to choose favorites and purge the rest, although I did let myself keep 20 books, I love books.)

If any of those are a NO - then I go into meltdown mode.  And I only have one more question, will this item have some value to someone else?  
  • Yes - list on Craigslist for larger items (+$100 already), Amazon for books (+$30 already), bring beat up books and movies to Half-Price books and put all the rest in a pile for a garage sale that is happening this summer
  • No - sorry buddy, your time here is over, trash can for you (I actually really enjoy this part)
Every load out to the garbage bin, sale online or trip to half-price books makes me feel lighter - yet there is still so much to do....  agh.  Diseased, maybe.  Nesting, hope not. :)  

But simplifying I am.

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