Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bare feet, Lost Stroller and Free Dinner

Yesterday, Sweetie was the first to wake up after nap-time   Its been so, so, so beautiful here, so we took the chance to sneak outside and explore barefoot.  Its been such a joy to watch both Sweetie and Bella discover the outdoors.  Since both of them learned to walk while there was still snow on the ground, the past week have been their first real chance to get outside.  They have been hesitant, but brave.  Day one outside it took them both a full 5 minutes to leave the sidewalk and join me where I waited about 5 feet in on the grass.  Yesterday, they were running up and down hills barefoot.

We played and explored for about 10 minutes, when Bella woke up.  I had some errands to run so I got them both strapped into their car-seats with sippy cups and a snack.

We successfully ate snack, I left a message for the doctor, made plans for the evening and completed our first errand using our trusty double stroller.  We got to the second errand location and I opened up the trunk to retrieve the stroller - and it was gone.  Empty trunk   Confused Mamma.  Then I realized what happened, in my attempt to multitask the heck out of the day I had forgotten the stroller on the sidewalk in downtown.  I knew the chances it still being there were slim to non, but I had to check.  Girls loaded again - and off we go. 

A full 45 minutes later, I got back to where I had left the stroller.  Of course I felt like a schmuck for forgetting it and was beating myself up a bit.  But, as I came around the corner, I saw wheels!  This beautiful stroller was unmoved in the 45 minutes it had been sitting in the street, in downtown.  

I was so relieved, but so done with errands!  So instead of stopping to pick up a healthy dinner from the grocery store, we went through the drive-through at McDonald's.  I got up to pay and the cashier told me that my meal (and the girls) had been paid for and handed me this note...

Thank you person in the car behind me.  Thank you Jesus that the stroller was still there and thank you to anyone who will listen that I get to be Mamma to the girl in the above pictures!

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