Respect for Birth Families, please

As a foster parent, I see people in their darkest days.  Kids who have been neglected or abused and the parents that did it or allowed it to happen.

There are times when I feel deep anger and frustration at the choices parents have made.  I cry.  I wonder how anyone could do hurtful things to a child, any child.  Their child.  And now the child entrusted to me.  And yet...

As an act of my will, I choose to have respect.  

To speak of with honor (at all times, just not when little ears are listening).

To try to understand (even when I don't).

To pray for them (twice as much when I get angry).

To be respectful at all times (not only ACT respectful - Yes, there is a mighty big difference).

It's hard.  It'd be easier to get together with other foster parent friends and bash birth families.  To say ALL birth families do this, or do that.  But it isn't helpful and it isn't loving.

So I stop and I ask our community to stop.  It hurts my heart and it hurts my ears.