Adoption Shower Activity: Wishes for Baby

One of the most meaningful activities from Sweetie's adoption shower was our Wishes for Baby pages.   When I originally saw it, I knew I wanted to do it for my child someday.  And now I have. :) 

So personal and so meaningful ~ a fun twist on the guest book since everyone did one.

Here's how we did it.   I created a Wishes for Baby template in a few different layouts.  On my pages, I wrote open-ended sentence prompts (I hope that you....  I hope that you respect... ) and left lots of space for people to personalize as they wished (drawings, a note, etc).  I also got some quotes for the less artistically inclined.

  • Blank Wishes for Baby Pages ~ enough for all shower guests (feel free to use the ones below)
  • Quotes, graphics or stickers for the open areas
  • 3 ring binder ~ to put completed wishes in
  • Sheet protectors ~ optional
  • Instructions for party guests ~ either displayed or in front of wishes folder

Instructions for guests

Wishes for Baby - layout 1

Wishes for Baby - Layout 2

Today I took a few of the lines and compiled everyone's answers and plopped them into with these results.  I LOVE THEM - and they are now in the life-book / baby-book as well. I especially love how you get the silly and the sweet as the answers come from a wide range of people and ages - as everyone at the shower completed one.
I hope you love.... 

I hope you ignore... 


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  2. Hi! Thanks for this! I took your idea and made my own papers to match my theme. Looking forward to this at the upcoming party! :D

  3. I love ❤ this! We are adopting our great nephew. Finalizing on March 6. Needed ideas for an adoption party 🎉. I love ❤ this! !!


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