Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Why White Parents Should Teach Their Children About Race
The truth is I don’t have the luxury of walking into the room and having my skin color go unnoticed. I don’t have the luxury of applying for a job and having it go unnoticed. I don’t have the luxury of going to a restaurant or shopping in a store or driving in a well-to-do neighborhood—even my own—and have people see my forehead or the color of my hair or the hue of my eyes instead of my skin.

EVERYBODY Should Read Black Children’s Books
See, the majority of the parents of my daughters’ friends, no matter how kind and smart and sweet they are, didn’t buy black books, dolls, or movies for their children. I don’t think they were being racist or striking out against diversity, by any stretch; it just never seemed to really occur to them that maybe, just maybe, their daughters would identify with the pretty, round-faced girl pie in “Home Made Love,” or Sassy, the talented but shy ballerina in “Dancing in the Wings” — or that there would be value in letting their daughters read their sweet, insightful, beautifully human stories.

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