Vision, More than 20/20

R has been struggling some at school and her teachers and I have been at a loss as to why. After a full nero-psychological evaluation, OT was one of the suggested next steps.

I went to my favorite resource for serious researching... Facebook. I found a large group of practicing OT's, gave a quick overview of what I am seeing at home and at school and asked if OT would be THEIR next step. Multiple people suggested a comprehensive vision examination, that would look beyond 20/20 and examined the full functioning of how her eye is seeing and then how the brain is processing that information.

After a comprehensive vision screening, we found that R is struggling with convergence insufficiency (tracking), saccadic dysfunction and some issues with bilateral integration.  Cue the googling!

I think this video is the one that has made the most sense to me, it explains tracking and the importance of good vision, the broken bicycle illustration is so insightful.  She can still ride her "bike" but its harder than it is for other kids.

This makes so much sense to me and is a road we are walking on!  Any other vision therapy parents around?

Vision Therapy
The suggested solution to the "broken bicycle" for us is glasses for reading and vision therapy. "Your eye muscles are already incredibly strong, and the vision problems Vision Therapy aims to treat are rarely caused by muscle weakness. Instead, Vision Therapy aims to retrain the learned aspects of vision through the recently-understood concept of neuroplasticity.

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Success Stories

Vision issues are actually super common AND treatable. So check out the resources if your kiddo is struggling and get a comprehensive vision evaluation today!

View Vision Therapy Printables & Tools (including Brock String) available on Etsy Now!