In Home Orientation

In-home orientation tomorrow at 10 am. A social worker will come here and talk specifics with me about ME doing foster care.

I am so nervous. You would think that this was the home study... or a firing squad. I have been cleaning for hours, and so want to make a good impression. I used to talk to adoptive parents about the home study and try to put their fears to rest. Where is that speech now? Did it really not work AT ALL when I gave it to them either. :)

Man. Breathe. Please pray.

A few hours later, after the In-Home Orientation
THANK YOU for your prayers. It all went great. I found out that in fact I don't need to replace the windows. Yeah! (I was not looking forward to the process.) In fact, the house as a whole looks good. Now for fingerprints, a mound of paperwork, and classes. :)

I 'll keep you all updated as this process progresses, but I am on my way...