Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Support Meeting

Today I attended my first foster care support meeting with other people who are doing foster care-- both full-time and respite. It was an eye-opening experience in a couple ways. It was set up like a forum for experienced foster parents to "share their tales" to the newbies of us in the room, including myself. We discussed bedtimes, lice, stealing, going to the store and more.

Another eye-opening part of my day, was who else was there, namely two of my old neighbors from my growing up years, Jeff and Chris. I spent SO much time at their house over the years. So many memories flooded back when I heard their voices. I recognized them, but I had to re-introduce myself to them as they didn't know me. But when they did, we had a great time reminiscing. In fact, Jeff told my licensing worker that I "was already licensed" in his book and they should just give me kids. Maybe that will help my process along? One can only hope. They invited me to come to their support group ongoing as they would like to keep seeing me.

Their son was one of my very best friends for most of my Elementary/Jr. High years... Though the years we have lost touch, and through this random encounter with his parents, we are now connected on facebook and are planning to hang out soon.

I also re-met my licensing social worker who I will be meeting with tomorrow. She seemed nice. When I introduced myself, she brought up the fact that I have a degree in psychology and had worked at the Children's Home Society. And she said, "We have a kid for you..." I am guessing they have a tough one. :) I will do it. And now I will be meeting with her in the morning. I am way more laid back then I was last time a social worker came to the house. I still want it cleaned, but I am not obsessing. I can't sleep, but that is for an entirely different reason (Malia is going to be having another surgery tomorrow-- at the SAME time as my meeting with my social worker).

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