Foster Care Home Study & Aftermath

Last Wednesday was my home-study. It consisted of a social worker coming to my house and for 3 hours talking with me about my life and all of the ins-and-outs of the past 30 years. I ended up really hitting it off with Marqueta (my social worker). In fact, she is a Christian and a very nice woman. She wants me to do some training with other foster parents, on attachment/reactive attachment disorder and different parenting techniques. In my brain, all I could think of was this is amazing, but I am not even licensed yet!

At the end of our time together, her phone rang with a call about 4 kids who needed a placement (place to stay). She said, "Well, I am sitting here with Alisa, we are just finishing up her home-study.... oh, but wait, she needs to have the fire marshal come out before we can place kids with her..." She was actually considering placing kids with me THAT day! I couldn't help but giggle and comment, "Well, that's a good sign."

Since the home-study, I have been sent fingerprinting materials for 6 of my family/friends who will be back up babysitters for kids I am placed with. I have 10 people willing, able and ready to get fingerprinted, but she said to start with 6. I love having more people willing to do it then should do it at the beginning. What a beautiful thing to be loved.

I am also continuing to prepare my home, organize paperwork and the like. I went garage-sale-ing with my sister to try to find some boys clothes and some other things I am still needing. We ended up stopping at a friend's house to say hello, and she happened to be having a sale. She had a lot of super cute younger boys' clothes. I loaded up my arms while we were talking about why I am buying clothes, and when I went to pay, she wouldn't accept my money. She proceeded to give me about 10 more things free, including two great baby exercisers and baby toys! I love the generosity of the body of Christ! Another friend is collecting boy clothes for me at a clothes swap, and yet another friend has 2 gates for me--one of the things I still really need!

I got an email from my social worker today telling me that she has already finished dictating the home study and now it is being typed up. She just sends me this email: "Wow-- I didn't expect to get my part of the license done so quickly--when will your roommates be moving out?"

This could happen sooner than later... :)