Pumpkins's Very Speical Family: Social Stories to help Toddlers Transition Homes

This is a little story a friend of mine initially gave me the idea (and most of the words for) a few weeks back. I made it into a book with photographs to go along with each section of the text. I printed it out, laminated and bound it to help Pumpkin prepare to move.

I have had a lot of time to help prepare my little one to move to her new home, and this has been one of the most helpful tools. Toddlers think in stories and while they are smart, they aren't able to sit down and have a deep conversation.... so we have to be creative. Photos and a story works great.

Feel free to use and adapt to use with your toddler foster children ages 2-5ish. The general concept can be used with older children as well.

Pumpkin is very special and she has a very special family.

When Pumpkin was a baby, she moved from her first Mom’s house and came to live with her second Mama, Alisa. She did not come by herself. Her big sister, S, came, too.

Pumpkin’s second Mama, Alisa, took care of Pumpkin and S. She taught Pumpkin lots of things, like baths are fun! She taught Pumpkin that the vacuum makes a loud noise, but it won’t hurt us.

Pumpkin got to do lots of fun things at Alisa’s house. She got to play with toys and go swimming and go to the museum, too!

One day, Alisa, started telling Pumpkin about the day when she will move to a new home. Pumpkin does not understand.

Alisa tells Pumpkin that moving means living in another house. One where Jeff and Joan (new foster parents) will be there to love and do fun things with Pumpkin.

Pumpkin and Star will move, but Alisa has to stay at her own house. Alisa will visit Pumpkin at the new house. Maybe, she will even send special mail in the mailbox just for Pumpkin!

Alisa loves Pumpkin very much. When they are not together, Pumpkin misses Alisa a whole bunch and Alisa misses Pumpkin, too.

When she moves, Pumpkin has lots of big feelings inside. When Pumpkin misses Alisa, she can say, “I miss Alisa.” When she feels sad, she can cry. When she feels mad, she can stomp her foot. When she feels happy, she can laugh.

Sometimes, Pumpkin can dream happy dreams about Alisa and the fun times they had.

Alisa will always love Pumpkin and Star, no matter what. They will always be a very special family.