Importance of Rituals: Any Reason to Have a Party

Lately I have been thinking about the many rituals that help us show importance to events, honor someone and mark time. Throughout our lifespan, we find a myriad of ways to celebrate. Baby showers, birthdays, graduation, engagement, wedding showers, wedding receptions, anniversaries, funeral services and many more. In most families, these rituals begin before we were even born, and continue until after the day of our death.

Marked by remembrance, joy, food, and fun, we measure our lives by the parties that have been thrown in our honor.

Many children in foster care did not have these days of honor just for them. And many foster parents do not have their lives celebrated in the same way, because people don't know how to celebrate the steps with them. Because these children and these families are different from the norm, some parties can look a bit different.

In order to combat these deficits, we can start throwing more parties.

And who doesn't like a party?

Some of the reasons to have a party that jump out to me specifically for foster care/adoption are Foster Care Shower, Adoption Shower, Birthday Parties for Foster Kids, Goodbye Party and Adoption Day Party. In the following posts, I will go through each of these one by one.

I am going to make a million dollars someday by creating and marketing party supplies for all of these less than traditional parties. There is a huge need for it and it might as well be me that makes the million. So, if you want to be my partner in crime, let me know.