Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heart Gallery: Photos of US Children Eligible for Adoption

Let’s face it: by the time a child appears in a photo in the Heart Gallery a lot has happened. Some heart-breaking event or ongoing trauma resulted in the child being removed from home and birth parents, and the courts decided that reunification with the parents is not possible. The child has probably been moved several times—temporary shelters, foster placements, perhaps even a stay in a residential treatment center or therapeutic group setting. It’s a lot to handle for anyone, let alone a child or teenager. Lots of losses, lots of broken promises, lots of missed opportunities for childhood joy and growth.

And a lot of resilience and strength just waiting to be tapped as healing begins.

Adoptive parents and families provide the hope, belonging and stability that guides a child’s restoration to wholeness...

In the end, youth in foster care are just kids. They are young people who will do better in life knowing that there is a place to call home and a circle surrounding them called a family. Adopting from foster care is a great calling for some parents that will bring joy—and perhaps some tears—as you discover how you can become the promise of home a teen or child needs.

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