My First Long-term Kids Have Moved On

363 days spent with these two sweethearts.
  • 726 goodnight hugs and kisses
  • 363 nap hugs and kisses
  • 200 nap-time rocks to sleep
  • 1815 diapers
  • 2 loved children who are more healthy (spiritually, emotionally and physically) on the day they left than on the day they came.
  • 1 mamma made

Its been a good year with these girls.

One-piece that I wasn't expecting was the changes in my own heart.  Somewhere along the way, I became a mamma, 100%.

I asked a good friend of mine to write a letter for Pumpkin's Lifebook.  She started writing the letter below and realized it was more for me than for her.  She wrote a new letter to Pumpkin and shared this one with me.  I love it.  And I love being a Mamma. 

Dear Little One,
You were the one who made my friend a mother.  You were a gift to her.  You were a little light that brought brightness and joy into her life that I had not seen before.  Through you, she was able to express the depths of God’s love, compassion, and peace.   Through you, she was able to experience the heights and depths of motherhood.  Through you, she expressed a love that I had not seen before.  She poured her life into you with an unparalleled passion, commitment, joy, and abandonment.  Through her love to you, I saw love fully develop.  You blossomed under her love and devotion.  You came fully alive through her care.  I saw you blossom through the time, energy, and love she poured into you.  You developed from a small, timid baby into a toddler full of life, passion, exuberance, and trust.  It was amazing to see her devotion to you and to see you develop into your fullest potential in her care.  You have been shaped by her and she has been shaped by you.  You both had a mark on you for the better because of each other.  Even though you may not remember your time with each other, you shaped each other. You both are better people today because of each other.  Because of

your entrance into her life, you both became fully alive and you both came to know love more deeply and fully because of each other.