Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monkey Introduction

Life doesn't slow down often in foster care.  Before Pumpkin had even moved out, I received a call for a new little girl who needed a place to stay.  I was told her name, that she was 8 years old and was coming in to care that day.  I said I am going on vacation tomorrow, but if you can make it work, I will pick her up when I get home.  I said "yes" and the social workers made it work.

I went on a desperately needed vacation the same day that I dropped of Pumpkin.  I went sad, missing Star and Pumpkin.  I cried a lot.  I prayed a lot.  I sat on a lot of beaches.  And hung out with two amazing friends.  All the while grieving and looking forward at the same time.  A new kid was coming.  "Monkey" was in a temporary foster home waiting for me.

I got home from my vacation and two days ago, I met Monkey.  She was playing a Sponge-Bob video game and was full of questions - well only between important sections of the game, of course.  Do you have kids?  Will you have other kids soon?  Are there neighborhood kids?  Any kids I can play with?!?  Are you sensing a pattern here?

Since moving in yesterday, the questions have morphed into what-ifs - here are some bedtime questions, but they can apply to ANYTHING - playing at the park, going to the store, eating dinner.  What if I can't fall asleep?  What if I can't sleep?  What if I wake up at 4am?  5am?  6am?  7am?  What if I want to switch beds?  What if I want to get up early and want to play?

Just put question-asking Monkey into bed, and she is fast asleep, but what if....?  :)

Oh, and the other once every 5 minutes quote is "just kidding".  I am 12 years old, no really I am, I am... just kidding.  The sky is pink, no really it is, look... just kidding.  ALL DAY LONG.  So we are working on telling the truth all the time - even when we're just kidding.

She is a whole person - and I get the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know her.  I think that's why I love the initial getting to know you period of discovery, learning new things about the child every second of every day.