Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodnight, I'll See You Tomorrow

Every parent has a standard phrase they say every night as they walk out of the room at night.  I have realized that mine is, "Goodnight, I'll See You Tomorrow."   It wasn't my plan, but I have found that I say it, every night without fail.   If I thought about it more, I would want it to be deeper, carry more meaning.

I would want it to be more like a movie I saw once.  Every night, as he turns out the light, the caretaker says to a roomful of orphaned boys, "Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England."   Both the context and the way it was said spoke volumes.  The message is one of destiny, hope and a dream for a different future than the obvious.  It says to me that anything is possible for ANY child, at any time, in any circumstance.  So, if I was to rethink my goodnight, it would be something like that.

But as of now, to my kids, I give the one gift that I can - the promise of stability for at least one more day.  Tomorrow, they will wake up.  I will be here, caring for them, loving them.  So many questions these little ones have about when they will see their parents, when will they get to go home, when will the next thing change.  I give them the gift of all the stability I can control...  Goodnight dear ones, sleep well, I WILL see you in the morning.

It seems so simple.  Such a logical thing for kids to expect, but nearly every night I see the sigh of relief and imagine that there is one less unanswered question.  So, although I might edit it at some point, to add a deeper meaning, for now, ~ it is perfect.

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