Jedi, Tea Parties and Baby

730am - Wake up, make coffee - lots of coffee.

8:00am - Little lady (2-year-old sweetie I am doing daycare for) comes over for the day.

810am - Bug, and Buddy get up and we all four eat breakfast.

820am - Everyone gets dressed and ready for the day.

*Not actually my kids.  Mine is cuter. :)
840am - Head out the door for my sister's house for a Tea Party and boy run around time with all the cousins.

900am - The girls had a blast, drinking "tea" (lemon-aid), dressing up in fancy dresses, while the boys ran back and forth, just being boys.  The biggest disagreement and the biggest tear causer of the morning was whether or not the boys should be allowed to come to the tea party - the girls were divided, the boys just wanted food.

1145am - Head for home.  Little lady falls asleep in the car, Bug, Buddy and I listen to the Magic Tree House on CD.

1230pm - Lay Little lady down, get lunch for the rest of us.

245pm -  Little lady's grandma comes to get her.

250pm - TV mysteriously breaks.  Will. not. turn. on.  We might have to see about getting a new one.

330 - Baby girl comes.  Sweet, little (well, not so little, 24 pounds) baby girl arrives and will be living with me for a while.  SO excited to have a little one around.

335pm - Get the lowdown from the social worker.

345pm - Baby girl gets the tour and a new outfit on.  Bug and Buddy fall all over themselves trying to make her feel at home.

400pm - Everyone has a snack.

430pm - I rock baby girl to sleep for the first time in a new house, she's had a long day.

5pm - Currently, I find myself sitting outside watching Bug and Buddy play with their friends - processing this whirlwind yet normal day.  And processing the fact that there is a new member to our little crew.  And that I am, once again Mamma to three kids.