Empowering Family

Some of my kids have had amazing extended family members who were unable for one reason or another to physically care for the kids full-time, but were nonetheless completely invested in the child's well being.

Right now I am brainstorming ways to empower families to continue to invest and use their care taking skills for their kids in my home. I have asked some friends and have started to compile a list - what have you done with your families? Tips? Ideas outside of what I have already?

So far this is what I have:
Providing the foster family with photos of the child with family members, in order to make a book or something to hang in child's room

Making a CD of the child's favorite music

Writing down special memories with the child, of their pregnancy, memories with their Mom and Dad  

Providing and washing special blankets/crib sheets etc, so younger children especially can smell a familiar smell as they snuggle

What else do you got? Lay it on me. And then, I'll add them into the post as I get them.