Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nursery Redo

Its a hard thing keeping a dream alive.  Life fights against it.  One of my dreams that life is fighting against is the dream of a baby that I can love and care for forever - one that I can adapt.

When I learned that Baby Girl would be moving, I knew I needed a way to fight back.  I needed a way to keep the dream alive in the face of seeing it die a little more.  So, I decided to redo the baby nursery, hoping and praying all the time that I would get a little baby to go in it with time.

My search for a theme begins like all good things do, on Etsy.  I came across this lovely piece, stating, "Owl Always Love You."  How true is this in foster care?  We care for kids and sometimes they move on, but love doesn't.  From this point, the theme was set - Owls.

Then I went into Target, into Walmart and saw just how popular owls are right now.  Oh man, I hate the bandwagon, but I officially jumped on and embraced it.

Thus started a week long adventure of paint, owls and lots of hard work.  Here are the results. 

Can't wait to have the baby to put in this new nursery!

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