The last crazy week

Good things do come in packages of three - but so does chaos.  I was waiting to blog until I felt "put together" decided that might not happen while all three of these kids are here at the same time.  So here it is in whatever random, nonsensical way it comes.

I really, really like Sweetie, I hope I can keep her.  She was so sad for a 6-month-old when she came - she is now smiling with her eyes and looking to me for comfort.  Two cheers for team Mamma.  This is one of those times I conciser breaking the no photos rule, but only for a minute, because I want to keep my license and her, so you'll have to just imagine the cutest baby and times it by 10.

Attaching is hard work.  I made my own Mobi wrap before she came (seriously the cheapest, easiest and slickest thing I've ever used - if you're interested, I can do a post about how to make one) and she has been living in the thing.  For ease of life, the happiness of baby, this Mamma and all the good stuff of attachment, I decided that I wanted to "wear" her around in the wrap at least an hour a day no matter what.  The first day I actually set a timer.  Now I laugh at the thought because she has spent 3-5 hours A DAY in that thing!  She loves it.  I love it.  All-day long, I sway back and forth rubbing my "baby belly".  Experiencing and cherishing the baby stage and I really believe that she is cherishing the womb-like experience as well - a safe, warm, nurturing environment... a do-over if you will of a hard start of life.

So, good - so painful.  Now, on day 5 all I want to do is take a hot shower and some Advil.  But I am glad I  lost some weight and she is a peanut, so we are still negative to the actual poundage I was caring a year ago - a sobering thought.  Anyway, even though after 5 hours I might be sore - 1-2 sounds like a BREEZE now, so I should have no problem keeping my initial agreement with myself plus some.

Charmer and Peanut are doing great as well.  They keep me on my toes, to say the least.  They have been through some stuff (as all our kids have) and are still learning that there are limits in life, that words have meaning and that attitude goes a long way.  But, they are also 2 and 3.  Cuteness, but I have been staying VERY close to home as they are not really public places ready yet. :)

This might explain why I have been hibernating for those who know me in person - come visit me after bedtime, just don't notice the mess or the slight smell in the air.  I should have a sign on the door, "CAUTION - SMALL LIVES UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  BEWARE OF FLYING OBJECTS AND SCARY ODORS.  ALL WILL BE WELL.  COME IN AT YOUR OWN RISK.  But, welcome."   Never-mind, that might scare the mailman - but it would probably make their social workers laugh.

Anyway, the crew is asleep for the moment - so I should see about cleaning this place and getting a few adult projects done before it all starts again in 11 hours.

Sweet dreams!