Nuk in Ignition

Charmer and Peanut had an exciting send-off.  Charmer is a very, very sensitive and emotionally charged child, so I wasn't too surprised when on the eve of returning to her family she started reporting that her tummy hurt, her legs hurt and oh, her ear lobe hurt.  She was so tired, so excited and so nervous for one more change in her small life. Because of all that, she was awake and crying every 45 minutes the night before they left.

Then as we were waiting in the parking lot for her parents, she proceeded to puke all over herself, the car seat and the van.  Her Mom came out to get them, all excited to see her girls, only to find her daughter covered in puke.  Sweet scene hu?  Mom said that Charmer has a history of getting sick when she's nervous so she didn't make a big deal out of it.  Mom swept Charmer and Peanut inside to get them cleaned up and well - I didn't even get to say goodbye.  Sure, I had talked with them about how I'd miss them, how I wouldn't be seeing them again, but I never actually gave that last hug, that final goodbye.  Maybe I will try to go see them this week and get a final squeeze in.

Now it seems that Charmer might have actually been sick because Sweetie now has a cold of her own - runny nose, slight fever, hard time sleeping, cough.  It'd be sweet if she was getting some teeth as she's almost 8 months old with NO teeth, but I think the more likely option is just a run of the mill cold, so I am dosing myself up with vitamin C and giving her lots of extra hugs.

All of these sick, awake at night children have made me a little sleep deprived.  So much so in fact that yesterday I started to start my van with a nuk instead of my keys.

No joke.

Nuk in ignition.