#$%@ People Say To Transracial Families

 After reading some of your comments, I realized I should put some more words on this.  No, the statements/questions in the video are not in themselves funny or entertaining   They are uninformed at best and straight-up racist at worst - and everything in between.  And I promise you, my reaction when they are said to me personally, sometimes multiple times a day, is not to laugh - it is to correct, get offended or walk away - and sometimes all of the above.  

That is one reason I love the title the creators of this video put on it.  It isn't funny things people say, or cute things people say, its #$%@ People Say To Transracial Families.

For me, the humor comes when I realize what a common experience hearing these phrases are.  All transracial families, no matter how they came to be, have heard at least some of these.  It is a common experience that can draw us together because let's face it - our families are outside of the norm.    And to come together within that common experience and step outside of the normal reaction to these things, and simply laugh is healing.

Also, I believe that humor has the power to break down walls and educate them when nothing else does.  This video could also be called, Crap NOT to say to a Transracial family.  It would be just as educational but would leave less of an impact because humor takes the edge off.  Instead of feeling corrected, your audience can laugh along with you.  But I promise that if they've said one of these things,  they will recognize them and will think about it before they say them again.