Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye Coccoon

Tomorrow is a day of change and not only because we are embarking on 2013.  The little cocoon I have been enjoying with my Sweetie for the past 3 months is expanding and I don't know by how much or by how many.

For one, Little Bit will be joining us during the day for the next few months.  I will be doing daycare for my very best friend's little guy, who joined their family about a month ago.  It will be a new adventure to have a little, little person around the house.

Tomorrow I am also "officially open" again for new kids.  I haven't got any calls yet, but could any day now. I have prepped the extra room and moved the office back into my room.  The laundry and dishes are done and now we wait for whatever adventure is next. 

It is a strange thing, waiting for placements.  You know that you could have kids tomorrow, but you don't know even the basics, age (I'm open to 0-10 for boys and 0-15 for girls), gender, interests background story, where they go to school, special needs, etc., etc., etc.  I used to try to imagine it, but I have realized that's impossible for all the above reasons. I used to try to prepare for it, but again impossible.  The best I have found that I can do is be set to "first position" and have extra clothes and toys on hand.  By first position, I mean... clean house, empty room with a bed, dresser, blankets, and hangers in the closet and all the extras out in the garage.

And then the waiting begins.  Everything else comes after the call.  

So, goodbye cocoon.  I have so enjoyed you and one on one time with my girl.  But am excited to see what new life emerges.

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