Remember to be aware, not a nut

I am an attachment-focused Mamma.  The education, the books, the training the conversations have all made me very, very aware of the need to be on top of attachment problems and remedy them as quickly as possible.

Very, very aware...  so it brings me to this reminder - be aware, not a nut.

I am sometimes a little nutty - at least my friends think so.  Right now Sweetie is having an off couple of days.    We just don't seem to be fitting together as nicely as we did a month back.  There are some factors playing into it.  I just started doing daycare for a newborn, but even when he's not here, she is still squirmy when I am holding her, not making a ton of eye contact and both wanting me and not wanting me.

So I am amping up the attachment behaviors on my side (rocking her to sleep, getting as much eye contact as I can, finding excuses to carry her in the wrap), but I am also reminding myself that ALL kids have off days and off weeks - and that's okay.  So I will stick with it, stay present, be aware and not be a nut, by worrying myself or bugging her too much.

As we talk more and more about attachment and it becomes more of a focus in your parenting - remember that simple advice and it will make yourself and your kids a lot less crazy.