Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Signs

I think giving kids a way to communicate as early as they are able is a gift to them - and to us.  So I am into baby signs along with the spoke words for most kids who can't talk clearly enough to communicate their needs.

Right now Sweetie has "more" and "all done" down and we are just beginning to work on "cup" and "help".  She also has made up her own sign for up that I think is too funny.  I must have moved my head to enunciate the word "up," so now she moves her head quickly down every-time she says "up" with her words, almost like she is saying half of "yes".  Don't know where she got it from, but it helps her communicate so we'll keep it.

If you're interested in learning some basic signs to teach to baby, there are some great resources out there - for a list of the top 10 signs with pictures, check this out.





A GREAT RESOURCE CHART - See to print or order


  1. I toaught all of my babies cuts WAY down on frustration, in my opinion.

  2. Me too Sunday. By a year my kiddos all knew about 30 signs. By 18 months they knew over 50. The more they talked the less they used sign themselves. But it's sure nice that they can read it when we're out and about.

  3. Many of the couples that my wife and I are around use baby signs with their children. Thanks for the resources links, as I know that I want to learn these and implement them.

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