Friday, March 22, 2013

Adoption Petition - Signed and Delievered

Sigh.  Court always stresses me out.  I think its because I've watched too many court dramas - all the crazy stuff happens at court, especially when no one is expecting it.  I picture that moment when everyone looks stunned as the lawyer brings out new, late-breaking information that changes the entire case.  I always just hope that isn't true when I personally go to court.

But, even when it's just a paper-chase court date - those we are just checking in, nothing is changing, I still get stressed.  Today was just a check-in date, the social worker, guardian,  lawyer, judge and I all got together in a courtroom and the judge declared that we are to keep on keeping on.

After court though, I walked upstairs with Sweetie's social worker and completed, signed, notarized and filed this beautiful piece of paper.  My petition for adoption of Sweet Stuff.  Soon and very soon folks.

Adopting from foster care is a funny thing, there are a million steps and they ALL feel momentous, historic and beautiful - but to see Sweetie's full birth name, her full new name (with my last name of course), my name, our information all together on a very official ADOPTION piece of paper - well that actually is momentous, historic and beautiful.

And I am happy to say that we are one huge step closer.

For those of you who are like me, you want to know what's next - well the easiest answer is to outline our timeline - where the "case" has been and the next steps we need to take before we are an official family.  No longer foster.  No longer my "soon to be adopted daughter".  Just my daughter.  Just her Mom.  Just family.

Our timeline so far:
8.27.2012 - Placed with me
10.18.12 - Petition for TPR Filed
12.13.12 - TPR
1.18.13 - Adoption Agreement Signed and Filed
3.6.13 - Adoption Subsidy Agreement Signed
3.12.13 - Adoption Subsidy Agreement Accepted
3.22.13 - Adoption Petition Signed and Filed
TBD (but they have our file on their desk and are reviewing it, estimated 2-4 weeks to approve) - Final approval from DHS
TBD (as soon as we get the final okay from DHS) - Get finalization court date
TBD - Adoption final, official family!!!

We are so close I can taste it.  Time to finish planning our adoption day party!

That reminds me, I asked the social worker what the protocol for the finalization court date is - she said as many people as want to can come, the more the merrier - so if you are a friend or family and want to come - keep your eyes and ears open for the court date!!!!!   SO EXCITED!

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