NO Sew, cheap, easy glider makeover

I inherited many things from my family, creativity (Mom) and a desire to just make it work somehow (Dad) being chief among them. One thing I did NOT inherit through nature or nurture was ANY understanding of sewing. I mean, I can mean a seam or sew on a button, but an actual sewing project - never. This is surprising because my mom is a sewing maniac mad, mad skills. In fact, she just finished a quilt for Sweetie, I'll have to share that on here soon and brag on here - but for now, let's just establish that I didn't get those skills.

About 6 months ago when I was working on the nursery redo, I picked up this glider at a local thrift store. It has solid, solid bones, but the fabric on the cushions has always been a little lacking - its dirty, doesn't come off to wash and it is threadbare and ripping in multiple places. So it was always my intention to recover it.... but here is where we come back to the zero sewing skills section of this post. ZERO. I started looking for 100% no-sew options and didn't find much so I figured it out and thought I'd post for those of you who are similarly disenfranchised in the sewing department.

Here is how I did it.

Supplies for glider:
  • A glider that needs help
  • 1 2/3 yards of upholstery fabric (from the discount rack)
  • Velcro Brand Fabric Fusion Tape (5 feet, similar color to fabric)
  • Iron

Supplies for pillow:  2/3 yard upholstery fabric (from the discount rack)

Step by Step How-To
Remove all the cushions, clean the glider frame and make sure it is in good working order - if not, you might want to have a professional take a look to make sure it's ready to go. If so, continue.

Lay the cushions on top of the doubled over upholstery fabric. Mine fit so that I only had to make three cuts total. Make sure you space it so that you have enough fabric to wrap the cushions in the next step. If unsure, only make one cut at a time. Also, make sure to put the "fold" of the fabric in the place you'll need the most strength out of the chair - where your knees and feet land when rocking.

Wrap the cushions just like you would wrap a present, making sure seams fall on the back or bottom of the cushion and the fabric is smooth and tight as you go. Place cut sections of the Velcro Brand Fabric Fusion Tape along each seam. It is sticky, but that is for placement only, be sure to follow the next instructions to have a firm, lasting hold. I got away with 5 feet of tape for the whole chair, but if you bought 10 feet (2 packages) I think it would be more secure as you could tape the whole seam. I bought the velcro at a local store, but it is cheaper online (use the link above).

Open the velcro so it has one piece on each side of the seam you are connecting, then place down on floor and iron using a thin cloth between the iron and the fabric. Hold on each section of velcro for 90 seconds, or until the edges of the velcro can no longer be pried up with your finger. (This takes the longest of the whole process as you need to iron each piece to secure it)

Once the velcro is secure, line up the tabs and "wrap" your chair.

As an added bonus, I also recovered a small throw pillow I had, using some upholstery fabric that I hand-tied, just like the blanket I talked about before - on the seam I used small ties and on the end, I gathered the fabric and tied it only once at the corners and then tucked the ends in.

Here's the finished product - all for under $21.

Hope yours turns out as lovely. I am in love with mine and just rocked Sweetie to sleep using it. Worked like a charm and is very secure and I think will hold up for a long time to come and complete with the added bonus of being able to remove the entire cover and wash from time to time, however, I hope I don't have to do that for a while, cause I just love it!

Shoot me a line and a photo if you do this - I love seeing the variety people come up with!