Make a Personalized CD for Your Child

A few weeks back, I was looking through a book a friend gave me called Pure Joy.  Its a book of prayers and blessings to pray over your child.  I thought some of the prayers were fitting for my situation with Sweetie and decided to read a few of them out loud.  I liked it.  I cried on more than one occasion.  I liked her hearing my voice speak love and acceptance over her.  And I started looking for a CD to go with the series that I could play as she falls asleep from time to time.  Sure enough, there is one, but as I listened to it, I realized I wanted her to hear MY voice speaking these things, not strangers.

So I made her a CD with a few of my favorites.  In the end, I added my own prayer and a few Bible verses that spoke to me.  Its all of 5 minutes long, but I like it.  I tuck her in bed at night and as I am walking out of the room, I press play on her little CD player.  She loves it too.  It is so nice to see her on the monitor snuggle in as she listens to her Mamma blessing and loving on her.

And I realized what an awesome tool this is and that the possibilities are endless for foster care as well...

  • If I need to leave Sweetie overnight for some reason, I could record me reading her a story and saying goodnight, so even if I wasn't there, she could hear my voice.
  • I could record my own, "turn the page" recordings of books, all I would need is a bell, noisemaker for the page turns.
  • If I had an infant/child who was heading toward reunification, I could have their Mom or Dad record them a CD of a story, or a goodnight prayer, etc, and play it for them as they go to sleep or as we drive around in the car, etc.
  • If I had a child who was heading towards an adoptive home, I could have their new Mom or Dad record them a CD and play it for them to help aid the transition.
  • If my kid has a story they love, love, they could actually listen to it on repeat forever. :)
  • And on and on.

And since I have fallen in love with it, I thought I'd share the how-to for those who might not know-how.  I myself actually had the idea for a long time before I did it because I thought it'd be hard.  I have some techy skills but am not an expert.  If I can do it, you can do it!  It only took me about 10 minutes to make and now we have it as long as the CD lasts for.

Here are the instructions - let me know if something isn't clear, or if you make one.  It'd be fun to hear some new ways to use this technology that uses a program that is built into most PC/Windows computers.  (If someone has a Mac and figures out how to do it, message me)


How To:

1.  Plug microphone into the computer

2.  Open sound recorder (Look on start menu, under accessories)

3.  Click start recording when ready and stop recording when done

4.  When you stop recording a save window will open, save the file to your desktop so its easy to find

5.  Highlight the file or files you created and right-click on mouse

6.  Click send to, scroll down and select your DVD/CD drive

7.  Insert a blank recordable disk

8.  Choose to use the disk with a CD/DVD player

9. Then hit burn to disk and wait for the magic to happen

10. Label your new treasure and enjoy - the CD will play in any CD player