Adoption FINAL

The night before court I was an emotional mess.  An excited, ready, weepy and a little nervous mess.  I wrote this and tried to focus in on all the amazing parts of court - the commitment, the forever, the newness.  While inside of me most of what I could see what the details - the photographer, would everyone find it okay, would I say the right things in court - the details.

I finally settled into a I am so tired I HAVE to sleep sleep around 2am.  At 2:30am, Sweetie woke up and wanted to cuddle.  I laid down in bed with her and she went back to bed.... but not the sweet, co-sleeping bliss back to bed, the smack you in the face, just going to wiggle for another 2 hours back to bed.  We lingered like this until about 6am until I was back on the verge of tears out of sheer exhaustion.  I laid her back in bed and willed myself to get one hour of good sleep before I had to get up at 7.  It worked.

Alarm went off, I got up, made a strong, strong cup of coffee, took a shower and got ready.  Once I and all our gear (diaper bag, final documents for court, etc) were ready, I got Sweetie up, fed her breakfast and got her dressed.

We were out the door on time and after some freak early morning traffic, we arrived at the courthouse.

Family and friends started streaming in.  When all was said and done, we had 17 adults, 8 kids there to cheer us on.  This included frieds, family, a photographer and all of the various social workers and her guardian.

Right around 9am we were called into the largest courtroom they had and everyone shuffled to find a space. And after extra chairs were gathered, everyone found a seat, a lap or a space on the floor.  Sweetie and I found our way to the table in front of the judge.  On the table was a huge microphone that intimidated the crap out of me.  The judge began. 

He asked routine questions about who I was, how long Sweetie had been with me and if I understood why I was there in his courtroom that day.  He asked Sweetie's guardian if she thought it would be a good idea for her to be adopted by me.  He asked me the same.  We said yes.  That was it.

The judge signaled that it was over and told us to come up and pick out a stuffed animal for Sweetie to keep.   We took lots of pictures - with the judge, with the social workers/guardian and then one with all of my amazing friends and family who had come that day to support us.

After court we went out all together and had brunch then headed back to our house to have a more formal dedication and welcoming time.  My father, as the head of our house, spoke about covenant and commitment and what it meant that Sweetie was now a full-fledged member of our family.  He asked all present to commit and make covenant with us to support and love Sweetie as she grows.  And then I cried again.  This was such a precious time of love.

The sweetest part of my day however was a series of texts from her birth family, Hello Mamma. Congrats!!!   Happy for you and Sweetie. Very Proud. Love always knows. We are very happy!!!  

Nothing could have made this day better.  We were surrounded with love and support from all sides.  I am so blessed and so overjoyed that we are a family, now and forevermore.