Friday, April 26, 2013

Introducing Bella

As you might have noticed, it is a general blog policy of mine not to talk about foster placements until they have been with me over a month.  This is just for clarity (cause three kids have come and gone in the short term since Sweeties been with me - confusing!) and just for another level of confidentiality - I don't want to say which child came or left on which specifically day, just in case one of my lovely blog readers knows their family...

Anyway, I wanted to introduce the blog-o-sphere to Bella.  She has been with me for about 6 weeks and it looks like she'll be staying a while longer.

She is a year and a half old and just 2 months older than Sweetie.  Yes, that is two one-year-olds.  I have embraced being the mom of non-twin twins for the time being.  Double stroller, same bedtimes, snack times, etc., have become the norm around here and we are trucking along.

She loves physical things - like climbing on or in things.  Bins of toys are now only something to be emptied of their contents (read ALL the toys on the ground) so they can be properly enjoyed by sitting in them.  She can be content sitting in a bin or basket for quite some time, well that is until Sweetie comes and tries to sit with her - then it's over.

She is an expert at using a spoon and is walking like a champ.

She is a joy and I am glad she's here!

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