It was a cold, windy day

This past week, Sweetie and I (along with Lil Bit and his Mamma) went on a little trip to Duluth, on Lake Superior.  It was a cold, windy - yet hauntingly beautiful day.  The waves were coming in one after another and the wind blew so sweetly across our faces.  Seagulls, a blanket to sit on, a good friend to sit with and two sweet babies to watch explore the sand, the wind, the waves, the birds.

That is until the babies started to cry and the rain begins to fall - but it was sweet nonetheless.

We packed up the children, dried them up, brushed off the sand and started driving.  Both children were asleep within a few minutes and we decided to drive up the coast to find another beach where it wasn't raining.

We found a beaut.  Covered with this great combo of rocks and sad together.  The kids explored once again.  Sweetie helped me pick up rocks to make a little craft (feet made out of rocks - I'll post after I get around to making it).

Then we headed back into town to see Sweetie's extended family (by birth).  They are such nice, generous, wonderful people.  If anyone has qualms about keeping a healthy family in their adopted child's life - have them come talk to me.  It has been such a blessing to have them in our lives and most importantly to watch how much they love Sweetie.  

They simply adore her.  Her cousins can't get enough of her and her aunt and uncle just want to have her in their presence.  I am so happy to have their blessing, their prayers, and their love.  They will always be a part of Sweetie's family.

It was a  cold, windy, beautiful, haunting & lovely day.