Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Keeping it Real Sweet Spot

Most nights, I get home from work with about an hour to spend with Sweetie before she falls to pieces, ready to be tucked into bed.  Most nights all I can bear to do after she goes to bed is watch TV until I fall asleep.  4 days a week, for the past 5 months.

Working full time and a single Mom has its drawbacks.  Like the fact that other than car time I see my daughter for about 1-2 hours on workdays (which is 4 days a week).  And we spend plenty of time in the car.  1 1/2 hours on a no traffic day and easily 2+ hours a day on a busy traffic/snow/craziness day.  Too much.

Yet, most nights, there is a sweet spot in the day.  The moment when Sweetie is in clean pj's, full tummy, teeth brushed where she just snuggles in.  That I wouldn't trade for anything.

So - next time we have a sweet spot (like tonight) or I feel like I have energy to type something more than... "OH so tired..." I am thinking up some blog posts - it's been too long folks.

Stay real.