Saturday, July 20, 2019

Uber Eats & Postmates

Part of being a entrepreneurial contractor is going where the money is while you gain new clients.  For the short term for me, that is delivering for Uber Eats & PostMates.

I did my first four deliveries using Uber Eats the other day and it was overall a good experience.  Nice people on the store and the customer side and lots of good tunes while I was driving.  All in all, I made $48.86 for about 3 hours of work, or $16.28/hour not accounting for mileage or gas. This is included tips on two of the orders for $2 & $12.

Decent, but I wanted to put my creative skills to work along side by get-er-done skills and put together this little flyer that I plan to staple onto orders before I drop them off.  I think this lady is my new hero.  There was a bunch of her doing various versions of this.  I *heart* her.

And more importantly, I think other people will like her too.  I am excited to put them into practice next time I go out and report back on if this increases my rate per hour, hopefully by increasing my tips.  (If you want a version of this made with YOUR referral code on it - please reach out & I will make you one for $10.)

Lastly, if you are thinking about becoming an driver yourself, ask me your questions in the comments and you can use this referral code to get you started - UBER: ALISAM231BUI // Postmates:  FL-ZFSK.

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